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100 East Grand Ave.
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Des Moines
United States

About Us

Whether you are a candidate for President of the United States or a Fortune 500 company, it is crucial to build a network that can deliver a message. Built on the understanding that in-person communication is the most successful way to communicate a message, we put emphasis on building relationships.

Partners and Principals at Terra Strategies have been designing and implementing grassroots strategies across the country and overseas for over a decade. We have the ability to create, implement, and manage grassroots campaigns of any size. Our team has managed political and corporate grassroots projects at the highest level. With a detail oriented approach, Terra ensures that your project is victorious on time and on budget.

It is our goal to work quickly and efficiently to identify the question, develop a solid message, and then deliver it far and wide. Drawing from our diverse background, our team has the ability to develop the efficient way to deliver a message clearly and concisely. Working with your team, our attention to detail mentality will provide the highest quality product.

Our team will provide you with reports that show progress towards goals throughout the campaign. We understand the importance of deliverables and want to provide the most concise and accurate report of what is going on in the field. Having a disciplined field background, we will ensure that you are provided with constant updates on the status of your project.