Capitol Partners, Inc.

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About Us


Capitol Partners, Inc., founded in 1999, is a Washington, D.C. based full service public affairs consulting firm which provides effective public affairs counsel and strategic guidance to a host of clients, including institutions of higher education, biotechnology companies, municipalities, public authorities, manufacturers, hospitals, museums, major businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. We specialize in developing partnerships between our clients, Congress, and the federal government.


Over the past ten years, Capitol Partners has successfully represented clients by adhering to a philosophy that helps distinguish us from our competitors and ensures a high level of service and success.

Our Principals directly service our clients. This means that a Principal of the firm is in direct contact with each client and takes full responsibility for achieving the client’s goals.

Capitol Partners is a task-oriented firm. We are most comfortable working on specific, well-defined objectives from start to finish and projects that enhance the bottom line of our clients.

Capitol Partners maintains low overhead, thus enabling us to offer client services at reasonable rates. Capitol Partners is satisfied to have its compensation grow based on the record of success that is achieved for its clients.

Capitol Partners works as a team. Our clients have access to all of our available resources and all personnel have some role in our efforts.

Capitol Partners understands that significant long-term and sustainable results can only be achieved with the help of our clients’ staff and leadership, and their participation in key events.

Capitol Partners is able to avoid the numerous conflicts which plague larger firms by limiting the number of clients we service, particularly within a specific geographic area that are seeking the same federal funds.