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About Us

Public Relations

You’ve got a great idea/initiative/project, and you want the world to know it. So you shout it from the rooftops (!), but it doesn’t seem to get you very far. Well, things have changed since the golden days of rooftop shouting. Changing hearts and minds from the top down and the ground up is our specialty.

✓ Coalition Building and Management 

✓ Stakeholder Engagement 

✓ Issues Advocacy

Campaign Management

You’ve got the Eye of the Tiger, and you want to win (queue Rocky Theme Song). You feel like a winner - we can see that. Your gut matters, but when we’re building your winning strategy, we make recommendations based on facts, not feelings. Using a mix of tried and true organizing methods, digital technology, and good ol’ fashioned math, we can craft a plan and run it for you to take you to where you’re going.

✓ Power Mapping 

✓ Targeted Research 

✓ Media & Public Relations 

✓ Development of Collateral Materials

✓ Digital Strategy 

✓ Direct Mail 

✓ Field Planning and Programming 

✓ Fundraising


You have goals, and we want to help you achieve them. So take a seat, get comfortable, have some coffee and tell us about you. Not sure what you need? No problem, we can help you figure that out. Don’t like what you have? Not a problem either. We have a keen ear for understanding your wants and needs, and we’ll craft a plan that addresses them.

✓ Social Media Engagement 

✓ Creative Design 

✓ Content Development 

✓ Video Production 

✓ Speech Writing

✓ Event Preparation 

✓ Text Messaging 

✓ Call Services 

✓ Website Design and Development