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109/1-A East Bashabo
Sabujbagh, Dhaka

About Us

Giude-BD's mission is to help local Bangladeshi NGOs with foreign volunteers for their fund raising and activities implementation purposes.


An equitable, just, democratic and pollution free society, and build up itself as a sustainable development organization.

1. Ensuring self help development among the target beneficiaries.
2. Empower vulnerable women through voluntary activities in the societies.
3. Eradicate all forms of violence against women and prevent human trafficking.
4. Help local NGOs with foreign and local volunteers for women and children's development, gender equality, human rights, disabled people's development projects implementation.
5. Cooperate local NGOs with possible supports to ensure poor people's health and nutrition status development.

Program Strategies:

v  Reviewing program activities in objective manner.

v  Giving emphasis to hardcore, under privileged and ethnic minorities.

v  Raising critical and functional awareness through formal and informal training and education.

v  Promoting sustainable human development.

v  Expanding quality education facilities.

v  Promoting gender relations both organizational and social perspective.

v   Working as a learning organization.

v  Forgoing links with GO/NGO, Donor and related concern to tap resources.

v  Building and continuing network to share experience and enhance capacity.  


v  Eight  years socio-economic development activity experience

v  Good governance

v  Dynamic management

v  Competent support service activities

v  Efficient, skilled, experienced and dedicated staff members

v  Adequate training facilities

v  Effective coordination with Govt. community authorities and other counter parts

v  Continuous efforts towards organizational sustainability

Management practices:

The organization has a general body consisting 24 members which is the prime authority for formulating policies and strategies, approved periodical budget and look after program implementation. It has also an executive body presently consisting 9 members which is actually the authority to ensure dynamic administration and management of the organization, plan and execute development programs, control finance & accounts and look after personnel and program issues. It has the provision to form management committees at its project officers to run the project activities smoothly.

Contact Person:

Mr. Ibn Zaman

Chief Coordinator