Solar Energy Trade Shows (SETS)

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About Us

Solar Energy Trade Shows, LLC (SETS) is the management company formed in October 2009 by Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) to raise the bar for solar energy trade events. SETS plays a pivotal role in supporting the rapid growth of the U.S. solar industry, significant job creation, and increased energy independence. With fresh ideas and a clear vision for advancing the industry, SETS brings a focused approach to the industry's premier events. Proceeds from these events are invested in the continued growth of the U.S. solar energy market through SEIA's and SEPA's research and education activities, as well as SEIA's advocacy, research and communications efforts.

Our mission sets the standard for leadership: Committed to delivering leading-edge, global trade events for the solar energy industry, SETS is dedicated to promoting leadership, education, and economic growth in the marketplace, and lasting value for our customers and stakeholders. With an innovative staff and ample resources, SETS is positioned to expand the boundaries of solar power for consumers, businesses and government.

Under our leadership, Solar Power International, a top 100 trade show, and almost 10 other regional events are growing, reflecting the rapid expansion of the solar energy industry itself. We remain focused on producing the most effective trade shows found anywhere. From business-model excellence to effective networking, we bring together the right people from every link in the supply chain, and government agencies with a mandate to promote solar energy generation and implementation. We enable the relationships that drive the solar industry forward.

SETS has a staff of 20 employees and an annual budget of $13 million. SETS offers an excellent benefits package. Solar Energy Trade Shows’ products are already excellent, and we’re committed to making them even better by transforming our adult education programs from speaker-centric lectures to adult interactive learning programs. We recognize that effective learning requires moving away from passive consumption to moving toward an environment that encourages active participation. Our evolving education programs will better serve our attendees by being more engaging.  
Solar Energy Trade Shows, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.