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About Us

Accounting for Change provides a full range of nonprofit financial management services that are tailored to each organization. The path to each organization’s own best solution will be unique. We work with organizations to assess needs and implement solutions using a collaborative approach that values people as the most important drivers of a strong financial system. Initial success is achieved when the organization’s multiple audiences receive timely, accurate and useful financial information.​


Accounting for Change implements financial management systems that allow nonprofits to have robust accounting and financial reporting. The long-term goal of every engagement is to increase financial management capacity by building a system that can grow with the nonprofit and transfer ownership of it to their staff. Our clients are organizations that work to improve the lives of individuals and communities through direct services, advocacy and the arts.

Core Values

  • Successful accounting systems provide timely, accurate and usefulinformation.
  • Every organization has its own best solution and we will help them find it.
  • Great financial reports are the result of strong systems that have empowered and engaged people working as a team to maintain the system’s integrity.

Core Competencies

  • We only serve nonprofit organizations.
  • We specialize in helping each organization prepare financial information that meets the needs of their multiple audiences (e.g., board, institutional donors, individual donors, IRS and auditors).
  • We understand both the human and technical sides of the accounting process and work diligently to support both elements.
  • We have a track record of providing organizations with the critical financial information they need to make important management and governance decisions in a timely manner.