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About Us

Epiventure builds capacity, skills and people.

Our team provides individually tailored ventures in Cape Town, South Africa, that allows our participants to exercise and develop invaluable skills and knowledge while contributing to the greater good in a sustainable, innovative and lasting way. Our team does this by best matching the personal, academic and professional goals of its participants with quality non-profit organizations in South Africa, in order to create an experience that sustainably contributes to the development of disadvantaged communities through capacity building.

  • Professional venture: Boost your CV/resume with a professional venture at a South African NPO or Company that strategically matches your background, skills, and knowledge with an internship or sabbatical opportunity.
  • Academic venture: Would you like to complete an international internship or academic research that will not only compliment your studies but also boost your CV/resume? The Epi-V network allows for universities and research institutes to work alongside quality non-profit-organizations in order to provide cutting-edge research opportunities, in an area according to your academic objectives. We provide key internships opportunities that will fit the credentials of your school or university and give you the professional experience that will help you to take the next step in your career.
  • Volunteer venture: We are most enthusiastic to provide you with a blend of a volunteer and travel experience, in a way that sustainably contributes to improving the communities and individual lives of those in need. We believe that your experience, at whatever length of time and capacity that you choose, should contribute to building the capacity of organizations and companies that are committed to helping develop communities in the long-term.
  • Build your own venture!

We are dedicated to providing fun, impactful and effective opportunities that more strategically weave together your goals with ventures that positively and sustainably impact local disadvantaged communities of Cape Town, South Africa.

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