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Growing Up and Giving Back: Donating School Supplies to Ugandan Orphanages

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Angel Eduardo

Donating School Supplies to an Orphanage in Uganda.

The school year had just begun, and the orphanage at Kakute Bombo in Uganda’s Luwero district had no idea that a delivery was on its way.

Olivia Namukwaya, a local youth leader, had received a letter from someone in her community, asking her to appeal to the mayor about providing the orphanage with supplies. “I contacted the Mayor,” she says “but he has lots of issues to deal with.”

Olivia Namukwaya and Agnes Kirabo with Caretakers at the Orphanage.

A week later, Olivia decided to take action herself. “I contacted a friend of mine, Agnes Kirabo. We raised a little money, bought books, pens and pencils, and two crates of soda to make these children smile.” After their collection, Olivia and Agnes delivered the items personally.

“The caretakers never expected us,” she says. “It feels good.”

“I grew up an orphan. It’s challenging,” Olivia says of what motivated her. "We were told that these children eat once a day. Some have no shoes, no mattresses, no blankets, no medicines, no school fees." Still, Olivia is nowhere near quitting. "We still have a long way to go, but they still smile. That gives me hope.”

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Angel Eduardo

Angel uses his skills as a storyteller to support and inspire job seekers and aspiring social-impact professionals.