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Take Action | 7 Food Pantries and Banks That Need Volunteers Now

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Janet Reyes

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Illustration by Marian Blair

As the current crisis drags on, food banks and pantries around the country continue to provide much needed relief to those dealing with financial crises and food shortages (many for the first time). 

Due to social distancing restrictions and other limitations precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, these organizations need additional support to serve those in need. If you’re interested in volunteering your time to help ensure your neighbors have food on their tables and in their cabinets, check out these amazing organizations:

Hunger Free America, New York, NY

Hunger Free America provides direct aid to low-income Americans struggling with hunger while also advocating to end hunger and promote economic justice. 

Bread for the City, Washington, DC

Bread for the City provides food, clothing, medical services, and other essentials to DC’s most vulnerable residents in order to reduce the burden of poverty so residents can focus on pursuing pathways out of poverty.  

Catholic Charities Serving Central Washington, Union Gap, WA

Catholic Charities focuses on serving the Washington state area’s underserved neighborhoods through programs that offer food, housing resources, parental support, elder care, and more.  

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine Massachusetts, Boston, MA

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine works to end food waste by picking up excess food from businesses and transporting it to those who need it. 

So What Else Inc- Rockville, MD

So What Else provides extracurricular programs to underserved children to teach teamwork, community engagement, and the act of paying it forward.

Jewish Family Service- Denver, CO

Jewish Family Service is dedicated to helping families and individuals, regardless of their faith or background, by providing essential resources to those in need.

Feeding Northeast Florida, Jacksonville, FL

Feeding Northeast Florida rescues food that would ordinarily go to waste from grocery stores, manufacturers, and farms and turns it into meals for families, seniors, and military veterans in need. 


If you’ve missed the boat on volunteer opportunities with any of the above organizations, don’t forget to explore our latest opportunities to find organizations seeking volunteers during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Janet Reyes

I am Idealist's Community Support Manager. After spending some time working in the world of e-commerce, I was led to Idealist by my desire to work in the nonprofit sector.