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Idealist Days are monthly days of action and possibility.

Each month, people around the globe organize local gatherings to connect with each other and improve the world.

How can I participate in Idealist Days?

Imagine. Connect. Act. 

On Idealist Days: We imagine a better world. We connect with other people. And we act to move our good intentions into real-world actions. Together, we improve our communities and our world.

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List your activities in the directory

Any action, big or small, as an individual or in groups, all plays a part in making the world a better place.

Post or join an event or activity and search for action opportunities near you.

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Join the community

Idealists gather with other people around the globe, online and in person. In the online group, we support each other in our idealist hopes and plans.

Find an Idealist Group or Create an Idealist Group in your community to connect with like-hearted others.

Join Idealists of the World on Facebook.

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Use the logo to show yourself

Idealists believe the world can be a better place. We see problems and want to fix them. We see opportunities and want to seize them.

Use the Idealist logo to show yourself as an idealist.

Add an Idealist frame to your Facebook profile picture.

More about this project
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Become an Idealist Translator!

As an Idealist translator, you will use your language skills to spread the word about Idealist Days around the globe. You will translate articles, slogans, graphics, and more.

Idealists are everywhere—in every country, speaking every language. With you on the team, we will all find each other and unite!

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