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How One YouTuber is Going to Plant 20 Million Trees by 2020

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Angel Eduardo

Jimmy Donaldson, known on YouTube as Mr. Beast.

A group of YouTube celebrities and The Arbor Day Foundation have pledged to plant 20 million trees by 1/1/2020. The project is called Team Trees, and for every $1 donated, a tree will be planted.

It all started when Jimmy Donaldson, known online as Mr. Beast, hit 20 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. When he asked what he should do to celebrate, the response was overwhelming: “Plant 20 million trees!”

Donaldson, whose channel normally focuses on content played for entertainment, has become more aware of how he can do good with his influence. “I personally haven’t always been the most environmentally friendly,” he says. “And a lot of you might be of the mindset of the old me, that was basically, you know, ‘Someone else will figure it out.’ But that’s not how it works. We genuinely need all the help we can get.”

“We only have one Earth, and it’s important we take care of it,” he says. “People just keep making fun of our generation for retweet activism, and [for] not actually doing something, which is why we created with the help of The Arbor Day Foundation. This is your chance to make a difference.”

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