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Save Water, Energy, and Space with Hydroponic Farming | Ideas for Action

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Angel Eduardo

Josie Akar facilitates a hydroponics workshop for women in Indonesia

Josie Akar, an idealist in Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia, facilitated a women's hydroponics class on Idealist Day 8/8. The class consisted of women in her community from all walks of life. "There were housewives, teachers, employees, and entrepreneurs," Josie says, "all eager to learn."

A hydroponic farm in Indonesia.

Hydroponic farming uses 90% less water and often produces crops twice as fast in a fraction of the space, making it that much easier for women like Josie and her friends to turn their homes into miniature farms. It is ideal for producing crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce, allowing people with little or no access to fertilized soil to grow their own food at home. "Many of us have their own space for this," Josie says, "at least for domestic consumption."

This also opens up avenues for these women to generate income through the sale of hydroponic crops, which in turn can strengthen bonds within and between their communities. "Some of the teachers have regular costumers around their neighborhood," Josie says. By encouraging the water- and space-saving benefits of hydroponic farming, Josie is empowering women and encouraging sustainability at the same time.

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