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The Idealists of Philadelphia holding up a banner that says Idealist.

"You may say we are dreamers," says Kessuda Chataya, an idealist in Philadelphia, paraphrasing John Lennon's famous song, "but we not the only ones."

Kessuda is a member of the Idealists of Philadelphia, a group of like-hearted people who have united to do good in their community. Every month, they gather to discuss ideas and take action, always changing their area of focus. "Every member has an opportunity to choose an activity close to their heart," she says, "and to make it happen with support from the other members in the group."

The Idealist Days Map.

The Idealists of Philadelphia's activities have included clothing and supply drives for domestic violence victims, litter pickups and cleanup activities in local parks, sitting and appreciating nature, encouraging voter turnout, and gathering over dinner to get to know one another better. "If you are located in Philadelphia," Kessuda says, "or if you have a chance to visit and you want to connect with the local community, we are waiting to meet you!"

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If you don't live in or around Philadelphia but would like to connect with others and do good in your community, you can find and join an Idealist Group near you. Can't find one? That's ok! It's just as easy to create your own Idealist Group.

Once you're registered, you can share the group link with friends on social media, put up flyers using the Idealist logo, and start planning an activity or meetup to put on the Idealist Days Map!

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