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What We're Doing While Social Distancing

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Angel Eduardo

Renato Orozco is learning to compost while social distancing

In these times of social distancing and isolation, some of the most heartening moments have been borne out of our sense of community and solidarity. Whether it’s making face masks for others, joining or starting a mutual aid group, donating blood, or random acts of kindness, idealists everywhere have been stepping up and doing good during this trying time.

It is important to remember however, that if we’re not careful, our efforts to be helpful and productive may lead to burnout. In fact, the ability to engage in self-love and self-care can be an invaluable skill as we continue working to build a better world.

So, we want to share what we’re doing while social distancing, and how members of our team have been staying calm, creative, and connected when we’re not working or volunteering.

Lori De ludicibus, an Idealist community support specialist, has been learning to play an instrument:

“I recently purchased a ukulele and some online ukulele lessons! This is something I likely would not have done otherwise, but it felt important to take up something entirely brand new (that I could do inside) as an outlet.”

Idealist’s office manager, Mizuki Arai, has also been getting more into music while social distancing: 

“A goal of mine is to come out of this quarantine with some killer playlists! Music has helped me cope with many difficult times in my life, [and] especially these recent months. Over the years I never took the time to curate my collection…and [now] I'm finally doing it! By the end of this, I aspire to have the perfect soundtrack for all of life's occasions.”

Meanwhile, Alexis Perrotta, Idealist’s senior editor, has been digging up her art supplies:

“We happened to have been gifted some small canvases, paints, and brushes a few years back, and my husband decided this would be the perfect time to take them for a spin! We discovered Michelle the Painter on YouTube and picked out two painting tutorials that seemed manageable, and even had some friends join in over Google Hangout. It felt like a night out (kind of)!”

And speaking of digging, Portuguese Language Manager Renato Orozco has been using his free time to make his home a bit more green:

“In order to bring some much needed mental, spiritual, and physical health into my quarantine routine, I have started gardening our long abandoned and neglected backyard. After doing some cleaning and getting rid of weeds, my first project was to build a composting system.

I used an old trash bin and buried it in the backyard. From now on we’ll throw our kitchen waste there, along with dried leaves and a bit of water. It should take three to six months to have some nourishing compost that can be used in the other areas of the backyard [for gardening].

It is a good substitute for the gym, and being in contact with the earth and [being among] plants and birds feels good.”


Now, we want to hear from you! How have you been caring for yourself while social distancing? 

If you’d like to share, send your responses and photos to We can’t wait to hear what’s keeping you going!

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Angel Eduardo

Angel uses his skills as a storyteller to support and inspire job seekers and aspiring social-impact professionals.