Family Violence Unit Victim Support Program (Los Angeles City Attorney's Office)

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About Us

The Los Angeles City Attorney plays a leading role in shaping the future of our city by fighting to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods, reducing gang activity, preventing gun violence, standing up for consumers and the elderly, protecting our environment and so much more. The City Attorney's office writes every municipal law, advises the Mayor, City Council and all city departments and commissions, defends the city in litigation, brings forth lawsuits on behalf of the people and prosecutes misdemeanor crimes such as domestic violence, drunk driving and vandalism. This office strives every day to make Los Angeles a better and safer place to live, work, raise a family and visit.

Family violence is a significant social problem, especially because of the ongoing impact of violence on children. Domestic violence transcends gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and socio-economic boundaries. Domestic violence does not discriminate against race, class, gender, religious affiliation, age, economic status or lifestyle choice. There is so much in the world to fear - home should be the one place people know they are safe. When a person you care about - whether you are dating, married or part of the same family - is the one who hurts you, it can fee like there is no safe place.

The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office is deeply committed to making home the safe place it should be. The Family Violence Prosecution Unit was established to provide the continuity and specially trained personnel required to prosecute these cases most effectively.

The Victim Support Program provides an additional resource to victims of intimate partner violence in the criminal court system.

Who is a Victim Support Volunteer (VSV)?

· VSVs are members of the community who understand that the legal process can be confusing and volunteer their time to be an additional source of support for victims of domestic violence crimes handled by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

· VSVs are caring and empathetic individuals who are committed to helping a person who has been victimized to connect with resources.

· VSVs receive specialized training about the court process, counseling skills, and services available for individuals who have experienced domestic or intimate partner violence.

· VSVs are not prosecutors.  Though they are volunteers within the City Attorney’s Office, their primary concern is to assist the victim in the case and to provide emotional support and referrals to vital resources.