Camp Hope St. Bernard Parish Government, Department of Volunteerism

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6800 Patricia St.
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About Us

Camp Hope is now overseen by the St. Bernard Parish Government under the direction of the Department of Volunteerism and President Craig Taffaro. Camp Hope has been in existence for over three years and is currently relocated to Arabi in the western end of the Parish about 5 miles from downtown New Orleans. Camp Hope houses hundreds of volunteers who continue to join various organizations in the Greater New Orleans area as well and those whose work is focused on rebuilding post Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Gustav. We house volunteers who work with the St. Bernard Project, Hand-On, Hope World Wide, Rebuilding Together, other faith-based groups, colleges and universities, Red Cross, disaster relief organizations and other groups who wish to offer volunteer service to St. Bernard. We offer comfortable bunks and three meals a day for $25/per person per day. Our meals are healthy and fresh, providing meals for vegetarians, and having a menu that focuses on S.E. Louisiana cuisine. We can accommodate groups up to nearly 200.