City of Charlottesville

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605 E. Main St.
United States

About Us

City Council Vision 2025 call for the City to be a leader in innovation, environmental sustainability, and social and economic justice; to be flexible and progressive in anticipating and responding to the needs of the citizens; and to act as the cultural and creative capital of Central Virginia. There are eight main areas of focus: economic sustainability, lifelong learning, quality housing opportunities for all, arts and culture, green city initiatives, healthy city initiatives, a connected community, and smart, citizen-focused government. Councilors hope by making this distinction and creating this direction, future Councils, staff, and decision-makers will have a clearer picture of the type of City that citizens wish to encourage and create.

Charlottesville Quick Facts

43,475 people live here now

9,000 University of Virginia students live here

3 U.S. Presidents made Charlottesville their home

987 acres of parks and playgrounds

24.2 average inches of snowfall each year

116 miles to Washington, D.C. (there is rail service)