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Conduct Research specifically, tackling the health implications of climate change will be a defining question for public policy this century. Projections of climate impact on health in Canada include: increased probability and severity of extreme events including heatwaves, storms, floods, drought, and wildfire with implications for asthma, chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, water quality and contamination; changes in the distribution and survival of pathogens and some disease vectors such as mosquitoes and ticks. In light of the risks posed by climate change, climate policy has become a key area of debate and research in public health. This project will use quantitative, realist, and policy review methodologies to examine if and how the Canadian public health system is adapting to climate change, and whether current adaptations are consistent with scientific evidence regarding projected health risks and vulnerabilities. The project will quantitatively and qualitatively review peer and grey literature, and critically appraise Canadian federal policies related to adaptation to the health impacts of climate change.