Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlfe-Aquatic Resource Education

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About Us

Our Mission

Since 1911, the Division of Fish and Wildlife has worked to conserve and manage Delaware’s fish and wildlife resources, provide safe and enjoyable fishing, hunting, and boating opportunities to citizens and visitors, and improve the public’s understanding and interest in the state's fish and wildlife resources through information and outreach programs. The Division’s goal is to manage and provide access to the lands with which DFW is entrusted for public use and enjoyment

Our Values

Division programs are developed and administered to serve the interests of all of the people of Delaware. We work with all segments of our constituencies to identify their needs and interests in fish and wildlife resources. Effective communication with the public is essential for the DFW to manage the state's fish and wildlife resources responsibly and with accountability. We advocate the humane use of fish and wildlife through observation and study, and promote humane hunting, fishing and trapping practices to ensure the continued existence of all species.