Bronx Envision Academy (NYC Department of Education)

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1619 Boston Road

United States

About Us

Bronx Envision Academy is a New York City Department of Education small high school that offers a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum with a focus on the arts and integration of the arts into all subject areas. The mission of Bronx Envision is to empower students to be passionate about and well-prepared for their futures, enabling them to be successful in college and their careers. At Bronx Envision, the learning process in all academic disciplines will mirror the artistic process of skill-building, in-depth investigation, integration of ideas from disparate sources, and process of critique, feedback and reflection. Bronx Envision teachers will design courses that link students to the unique and varied arts institutions that make New York City a magnet for creativity and arts professions. Students will participate in an advisory program and create digital portfolios of their course work.