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The Tucson Police Department has long been committed to reducing injuries through speed enforcement. Now in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Tucson Police Department is hosting a two-year speed enforcement demonstration project, which incorporates a comprehensive public information and education campaign, entitled Picture a Safer Tucson.

The program’s focus is on changing the behavior of motorists who drive faster than the posted speed limit. Tucson has already integrated Automated Speed Enforcement (photo camera vans) with traditional speed enforcement (motorcycles) countermeasures on a citywide basis. This project adds a sustained and comprehensive campaign to help the motoring public understand why speeding is dangerous and encourage them to slow down without the need for a traffic violation being issued.

The public’s perception and thoughts regarding the Tucson Police Department’s enforcement measures will be assessed prior to and after the campaign to identify any improvements that may need to be implemented. Any information gathered during this project will be used to enhance future programs in other communities.