City of Mukilteo

  • Washington


11930 Cyrus Way
United States

About Us

The City of Mukilteo, in partnership with the community we serve, will foster a tradition dedicated to:

• Maintaining a safe, healthy atmosphere in which to live, work and play;

• Guiding development to ensure responsible growth while preserving and enhancing our character, environment and natural amenities;

• Providing for the City’s long term stability through promotion of economic vitality and diversity;

• Resulting in a balanced community committed to protection of what is valued today while meeting tomorrow’s needs; and

• Continuing transparency of communication between government, employees, and the public.

As City employees, we base the delivery of these services upon the following beliefs:

• We have a desire to help people through serving the public. We want to do a good job.

• We like and respect the type and scale of the environment and community within Mukilteo.

• In our internal and external interactions, we treat people equally, valuing them as individuals. Our communications are friendly, honest, open and candid.

• We offer our best professional expertise on issues facing the City and the development of an effective and professional City organization.

• We believe in the democratic process and value our role as implementers of policies made by elected officials.

• We both anticipate and respond to contemporary and community needs. We take action in a thoughtfully planned manner.

• Careful choices enable us to make wise and efficient use of limited financial resources.

• Within and outside our organization we work with both issues and people; we are participatory and free of bias.

• All City employees collaborate as part of the team and work to support each other, the City Council, and the citizens of Mukilteo.