Tyler Elementary School

  • DC


1001 G Street SE
United States

About Us

Tyler Elementary School, is a Pre-S-5th grade elementary school on SE Capitol Hill in DC. We offer 90% Spanish Immersion to pre-school and pre-kindergarten students, and 50% Spanish/50% English to students in K -3rd grade (to grow to Ps-5). Our 375 students benefit from Arts Integration through a Catalyst grant, comprehensive Special Education services from a city wide program specializing in Autism, and language study in our Spanish Immersion program. We have jobs available for the 2011-2011 school year. We are looking for an instructional coach and teachers knowledgeable in language acquisition, dual language instruction, and preferably Bilingual/Bi-literate in Spanish and English. We also need a FLES teacher who is Bilingual in Spanish.