Maricopa County Department of Public Health, Office of Preparedness and Response

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FEBRUARY 28, 2015


MARCH 21, 2015

Location: 4041 N Central Ave., Phoenix, 85012

8:00-12 Noon

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A Point of Dispensing (also known as a POD) are sites that the Maricopa County Department of Public Health can activate in an emergency to distribute medications to the County's entire population. The population of Maricopa County is more than 4 million people. The "Gold Standard" for this task is to distribute medications to the county's entire population in 48 hours. In order for a POD sites to function properly many people will need to be able to work together efficiently and quickly. We need your help to accomplish this mission in the event of a public health emergency. Public health emergencies can be bioterrorism, contagious disease or other illness effecting a large population of people. This volunteer training class will introduce you to the command structure of a POD. You will learn the skills to be able to set and run a POD site and will answer questions that may arise during your shift at a POD. Volunteering in a public health emergency is a positive contribution to the community as a whole. Your service provides you and your family with emergency prophylactic medications and treatment before distribution to the general public.