Cabarrus County Animal Shelter

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About Us

The Cabarrus County Animal Shelter is one of the core responsibilities of Cabarrus County Animal Control, a division of the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office. The shelter is a public facility that provides safe temporary shelter for animals without permanent homes. In addition to adoptions, the animal shelter provides a variety of services. The animal shelter is NOT a pet boarding facility.

Staff at the Cabarrus County Animal Shelter is committed to working with local partners to find temporary and permanent homes for adoptable animals housed at the facility. To determine if an animal is adoptable, shelter staff must rule out any underlying conditions and/or temperaments that present safety risks to the community. Euthanasia is a last resort. When necessary, euthanasia is carried out with respect to the animals by a licensed veterinarian, following best-practice guidelines for direct injection set by the NC Department of Agriculture. It is important to Cabarrus County that all animals at the shelter receive care and compassion.

The best way to help limit euthanasia in our animal population is to spay and neuter your pets. Organizations, like Spay It Forward, provide financial assistance so every pet owner can make the responsible decision. Please, make the call.

Staff at the animal shelter administer vaccines to animals brought to the shelter on a case-by-case basis. Dogs receive a kennel cough and parvo vaccine ($10). Cats receive an FVRCP (feline parvo) vaccine ($5). This helps prevent sickness and maintains a healthy environment for all animals at the shelter.

Cabarrus County Government's Infrastructure and Asset Management Department maintains the shelter facility. In 2013, the County renovated the shelter with new flooring and added a covered outside play area. In 2015, the County constructed an isolation room to house animals that may suffer from transmittable diseases.