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The Billings Metro VISTA Project offers full-year and summer service opportunities. All positions provide a living allowance and money for college! Full-year positions begin each July and January. Summer Associate positions begin in early June and end in mid-August.


Since 2007, 162 VISTA members have served on the MVP specifically for poverty impact and homeless initiatives! These members have generated over $3 million in resources to combat poverty and homelessness and have provided service to over 39 non-profit organizations.


The City of Billings - Mayor's Committee on Homelessness was formed in 2006 to develop and implement a plan to impact homelessness. In the fall of 2009, the Committee adopted Welcome Home Billings, a 10-year plan designed to increase overall collaborative efforts and resources to assist the homeless in our community. This large-scale initiative involves hundreds of community members and various project foci. Additional information on homeless initiatives can be found here.

In order to maintain momentum for the homeless initiatives, the City's Community Development Division created an AmeriCorps VISTA program known as the Billings Metro VISTA Project in 2009; sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service. VISTA members work to create or expand community-based programs, services, and systems that prevent and intervene in homelessness through capacity-building activities.


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