Delegate Mary Washington

  • MD


United States

About Us

Delegate Mary Washington represents the 43rd District in Baltimore City. She was elected in November of 2010 and served her first session in 2011. Delegate Washington is strongly committed to the following issues:

Strong Schools, Strong Students She believes that our most important investments must be in our young people. From early childhood programs to higher education, schools should be safe and inspiring places to learn and serve their communities. She will fight for full and stable funding for our public schools, teacher salaries and pensions, and post-secondary institutions.

Fairness for All She strongly supports the freedom to marry, women’s reproductive rights, anti- discrimination laws for transgender individuals and the elimination of the death penalty.

Safe, Healthy & Vibrant Neighborhoods She understands that people need to feel safe in their neighborhoods and business districts. Delegate Washington will seek increased allocations for community policing and to double the number of after-school and summer recreational, green job training and employment programs for youth. Mary will also bring community leaders and associations together to help provide the supports that our Seniors need to stay active and age in place.

Jobs & the Environment She will address rising unemployment rates through private and public partnerships, which raise funding for adult education, GED programs and green and clean energy job training and employment. She will also encourage neighborhood revitalization and development that builds up locally owned and small businesses and that hires Baltimore City residents and union members.

Delegate Washington is deeply committed to strong enforcement of existing laws that protect our public health and improve or repair the environment.