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About Us

The National Language Service Corps (NLSC) is a group of individuals united by the fundamental belief that language has a tremendous impact on who we are; who we can be; and what we can do together. If language can give us the power to communicate with and understand one another, the National Language Service Corps will help to harness that power to gain a deeper understanding of all countries, cultures, and peoples and, in so doing, make the United States and the world safer, more just, and more prosperous.

Do you speak English and a foreign language? Are you looking for ways to use your language skills to make a difference in your community and country? Are you interested in enhancing your language skills through professional linguistic resources at no cost to you? If yes, then the National Language Service Corps (NLSC) may be the right place for you.

The NLSC is a Federal government organization consisting of on-call, multilingual volunteers who are willing to use their language skills and cultural knowledge to help government agencies in their readiness efforts, and communities in times of need. In order to volunteer, you must first join the organization as a Member; there is no membership fee required. Though Members are volunteers to the Corps, if their language skills are needed and they choose to participate, they are compensated by means of a small stipend and per diem in some instances.

NLSC Membership Qualifications Requirements

·        US Citizen

·        18 years of age or older

·        Fluency in English and a foreign language

·        Male applicants must have registered for Selective Service

Desired Skills And Experience

·        Professional translation experience

·        Professional interpretation experience

If you meet the required qualifications listed above and are interested and available to assist as an NLSC language volunteer, please apply as soon as possible via our website at

https //

Please include a copy of your resume and any additional certification during the online application process.