The Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia

  • DC


441 NW 4th St. NW

United States

About Us

The mission of the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is to protect and serve the citizens of the District of Columbia by providing legal representation of the highest quality to District agencies, officers and employees.

OAG serves as the District of Columbia government’s law firm, including:

  • Tort, contract, civil rights, equity and class action cases
  • Appeals of the civil and criminal judgments
  • Child abuse and neglect cases
  • Adult criminal and juvenile delinquency proceedings
  • Antifraud, antitrust and consumer protection matters
  • Civil enforcement of regulations
  • Neighborhood and victim services
  • Child support enforcement
  • Government ethics issues
  • Personnel and administrative proceedings
  • Domestic violence and mental health matters
  • Real estate and procurement transactions reviews
  • Economic development and revenue bond financing
  • Land use, public works and utilities matters
  • Reviews of legislation and rulemaking
  • Supervision of agency counsel in the subordinate agencies


OAG is vigorously fulfilling all statutory responsibilities with skill and integrity, and will work to improve safety and quality of life in our communities. OAG is charged by statute with conducting the District’s law business. With nearly 340 attorneys and 300 staff members dispersed throughout 28 subordinate agencies, OAG is one of the largest law offices in the District of Columbia and the 10th largest Attorney General’s Office in the nation.