NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board

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About Us

The NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) is the nation's largest independent oversight entity of the largest police force in the country.

As an impartial body, the CCRB investigates, mediates and prosecutes complaints of misconduct by NYPD officers. It handles four basic types of misconduct: Excessive or Unnecessary Force; Abuse of Authority; Discourtesy; and Offensive Language. 

Mediation is voluntary and gives complainants the chance to resolve a complaint by talking with the officer face-to-face.

If mediation is not pursued, the board’s civilian staff will conduct investigations into incidents and the alleged misconduct. Board members review completed investigations and vote on a “finding” concerning the alleged misconduct. 

When the board finds that an officer committed misconduct and substantiates a case, it is forwarded to the police commissioner for discipline. Beginning in April 2013, the board’s administrative prosecution unit (APU) began prosecuting substantiated cases where officers face the most serious discipline and administrative charges are brought against them. Previously NYPD attorneys prosecuted substantiated CCRB cases.

Detailed information and data are on the CCRB's website: