Rensselaer Planning Department

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62 Washington St.
Saratoga Springs
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About Us

The Planning & Building Departments have several roles relating to the development and re-development of the city's land and structures through administration of the Zoning Code and Building Code. These codes are adopted and periodically amended by the City of Rensselaer Common Council to protect the health, safety, property, and welfare of the City's residents as well as comply with New York State law.

The Building Departmentadministers the building and zoning codes through issuance of permits, conducting inspections, and issuance of violation letters and tickets.

The Planning Department administers applications to the public board and environmental review process required of most development or redevelopment in the city. Applicants for site plans, subdivision plats, special permits, certificates of appropriateness, and variances present their proposals or requests through this office for approval by the Planning Commissionor Zoning Board of Appeals, whose members are city residents appointed by the Mayor.

The Planning Department also administers the HOME Program, which provides income-based grants for home rehabilitation under the Federal Housing & Urban Development Agency (HUD).

The City of Rensselaer has established Building Permit, Certificate of Compliance (businesses), Certificate of Occupancy (rented residential), Rental Dwelling Registry, Site Plan Review, Subdivision, Stormwater Management, and Zoning requirements for all properties within its borders.