Grace Art and Wellness Program

  • California

About Us


Grace Art and Wellness Program is a therapeutic recreation program, serving adults with persistent mental illness and/or developmental disabilities throughout Santa Clara County.

Grace is the primary mental health program for the City of San Jose’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services. People who would otherwise be isolated, or be at higher risk for hospitalization or institutionalization, are provided a safe, creative and stimulating environment to interact and participate in a variety of programs. The majority of Members who attend Grace live in the more than 75 residential board and care homes in the area. Serving over 80 Members each day, GCC is an effective, one-of-a-kind program which continues to have broad-based community support.

 The Center is located in the heart of Japantown San Jose on the corner of N.6th and Empire Streets, and is easily accessible by major transit lines.


Grace is a diverse program focusing on therapeutic recreation and day rehabilitation. The staff are committed to enriching the lives of the Members. The goals of the program are to provide recreation, education, counseling, social and community services so that Members may develop social and life skills, self-esteem, and a greater sense of independence. In order to achieve these goals, programs are created to:

·        promote social adjustment and interpersonal relationships.

·        strengthen emotional maturity and psychological stability.

·        improve community living skills and communication skills.

·        heighten personal and health care awareness.

·        develop creative potential and skills in a variety of activities.