Eugene Community Court

  • Oregon

About Us

The Eugene Community Court aims to improve public safety and reduce misdemeanor activity in the downtown core to improve safety and quality of life for all. The process promotes responsibility in participants through a combination of supervised community service and direct connections to social service providers.

The foundation of the Community Court is a team of justice system and social service professionals dedicated to collaborating on cases to reach practical solutions. Representatives of several local social service agencies work with the Community Court team onsite to problem-solve with community members in need of assistance and connect them with services that will address their needs and help them move out of the criminal justice system and toward an improved quality of life.

The City of Eugene is one of 10 cities nationwide who received a Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) grant through the Center for Court Innovation to implement a Community Court. The Center for Court Innovation is providing technical assistance for the planning and implementation of this project. You can find more information about this grant at the Center for Court Innovation’s website (