Office of Assemblymember Deborah Glick

  • NY

About Us

Deborah Glick, a lifelong resident of New York City, is now serving her fourteenth term in the New York State Assembly. Elected in 1990, Deborah became the first openly LGBT State legislator. As an elected official, she has focused on civil rights, health care, lesbian and gay rights, the environment, housing, higher education, social justice, animal rights and funding for the arts. Deborah’s legislative victories include passage of the Women's Health and Wellness Act, which lowered the age at which a mammogram would be covered by insurance, and provides coverage for contraceptives; a bill to provide hospital visitation rights for domestic partners; a ban on internet hunting; a bill authorizing localities to use red light cameras and speed cameras; and passage of the campus sexual assault legislation, among many others.

In February 2007, Deborah was appointed Chair of the Assembly’s Higher Education Committee, which oversees all private and public higher education institutions, financial assistance for students, and professional licensing. Additionally, in 2013, Deborah was named chair of the Assembly’s Intern Program, which provides college juniors and seniors with an opportunity to work in government in their Spring Semester. Deborah also serves on the Ways and Means, Rules, Governmental Operations and Environmental Conservation Committees.