Georgia Commission for Service and Volunteerism VISTA Project

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About Us

The Georgia Commission for Service and Volunteerism's VISTA Project is a statewide project which seeks to promote AmeriCorps programs and events, and to develop programs to alleviate poverty.VISTA Members serve at each of the 12 Georgia Regional Commission areas. They assist in publicizing and recruiting volunteers for AmeriCorps Programs, events, and region-based national service events. Examples include: MLK Day, AmeriCorps Week, 9/11 Day, National Volunteer Week, and more.Georgia Commission VISTA Members: * Serve at each of the 12 Georgia Commission areas.

  • Promote national and community service throughout their region by organizing Volunteer Recruitment Fairs, giving speeches to community groups and students, and using media promotion through newspapers and other public appearances.
  • Develop projects and programming designed to alleviate poverty and unemployment while also increasing volunteerism.
  • Develop and execute at least one Community Service Project by finding a local need through attending town hall meetings and other public meetings. VISTAs empower the citizens by listening to and being receptive to actual community needs, as opposed to the needs perceived by outsiders.
  • Attend training to create Volunteer Reception Centers or Volunteer Resource Centers in each county of their region(s). VISTA Members also complete FEMA, GEMA and appropriate on-line training. VISTAs collaborate with county-level 911, Fire and Police Departments for recruitment of county-level volunteers to receive training from VISTAs on Volunteer Resource Centers. VISTAs are prepared to utilize this training as a part of the First Saturday Response Initiative organized in partnership between GEMA and the Georgia Commission for Service and Volunteerism.
  • Network with local AmeriCorps programs to participate and promote national and community service events.

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