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About Us

The mission of the Los Angeles County Office of Education's Division of Student Programs is to ensure student success by providing quality academic programs, supported by an organizational culture that is focused on data and Professional Learning Communities.

The Division of Student Programs (DSP) serves approximately 3,400 students throughout Los Angeles County. DSP provides instructional and educational services in a variety of settings for at risk and incarcerated youth, including 3 juvenile hall schools, 13 camp schools, 2 residential Community Education Centers, 3 Cal-SAFE programs, 13 County Community Schools, 8 independent study programs, and 2 specialized high schools.
All school sites offer a Common Core curriculum and a variety of supplemental services intended to address the learning needs of individual students. Additionally, school personnel work closely with the Probation Department and the Department of Mental Health to provide comprehensive educational services for all students.

The Los Angeles County Strategic Plan is available at www.lacoe.edu.  By the end of the 2017 school year, the Division of Student Programs will accomplish the following goals:

• Enhance the instructional program and the educational experience of all students by certifying every Juvenile Court School as a Road To Success Academy, the specialized high schools as California Distinguished Schools and/or National Blue Ribbon Schools, and the two County Community Schools
Principal Administrative Units (PAUs) as California Model Continuation High Schools.
• Provide Common Core training in Math and English/Language Arts to enhance the school’s capacity to deliver college and career readiness instruction.
•Implement a robust monitoring and evaluation system to ensure that academic interventions and student data programs are fully implemented.
•Ensure a seamless Aftercare transition for every incarcerated student returning to the community.