County of Ventura-Watershed Protection District

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About Us

The Watershed Protection District is looking for concerned neighbors to locate and remove graffiti from the District’s flood control channels and dams.

Be part of a team that will:

  • Form neighborhood graffiti patrols.
  • Work with the respective City’s law enforcement.
  • Recruit and train volunteers to assist with graffiti reporting/removal.

Prompt removal of graffiti has been shown to be effective in discouraging tagging. The District works with non-profit organizations, neighbors, and students to address graffiti throughout the County.


Groups are encouraged to express their pride in their neighborhoods by painting over graffiti in flood control channels and dams. Training is provided on safe and effective methods for removing graffiti .

Volunteers can pick up paint, rollers, brushes and other supplies from the District’s Operations and Maintenance Yard.

How to Volunteer

If you would like to learn more about volunteering, please call the District Graffiti Abatement Coordinator. You will receive information about graffiti abatement training dates and other program information.

Stephanie Molina

Graffiti Abatement Coordinator

(805) 672-2101