Pima County Public Defense Services

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Pima County Public Defense Services

Pima County Public Defense Services includes the Pima County Offices of The Public Defender, Legal Defender, Legal Advocate, Office of Children's Counsel, Mental Health Defender, Public Fiduciary and the Office of Court Appointed Counsel. Below is a description of each office.

Public Defender/Legal Defender/Legal Advocate

Provide legal defense for people charged with, or appealing their conviction for felonies ranging from drug possession to first degree murder. Represent adults in dependency cases, or juveniles charged with criminal offenses.

Office of Children’s Counsel

Represent minors in dependency, severance and guardianship actions, family law cases, and act as a victim advocate for children in criminal cases.

Mental Health Defender

Provide legal counsel for adults ordered for mental health evaluation and treatment under Title 36.

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