PS 333 Manhattan School for Children

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154 West 93rd Street
New York
United States

About Us

P.S. 333, Manhattan School for Children (MSC), was founded in the early 1990s through the cooperative effort of parents, teachers and staff members of New York City’s Community School District 3. It is a school of choice, open to children who are zoned for District 3. Since that time, MSC’s educators and families have worked to build and maintain a school community in which students of different racial/ethnic, socio-economic as well as physical and academic abilities come together to celebrate multiple ways of knowing the world and each other.

In order to support our philosophy and fulfill our mission, we have partnered with the following organizations:

●   Teachers College Reading and Writing Project

●   Teachers college Inclusion Project

●   New York City Ballet

●   Wellness in the Schools

●   Google Classroom

●   Lincoln Center Institute

●   NY Sun Works

●   Urban Advantage

●   Roads to Success

●   New Victory Theatre

●   Harmonize Kidz

    The Leadership Program 


We believe that all children are gifted in multiple ways, and we organize the curriculum thematically using an open-ended, inter-disciplinary, project-based approach that allows students to demonstrate their talents while learning from each other. In this way, we respond to each child’s unique developmental needs while encouraging a meaningful learning process.


Manhattan School for Children is deeply committed to creating an inclusive environment.  We believe:

●   Children learn by doing

●   Children learn at different rates, using different strengths and different learning styles 

●   Children learn about the world in an integrated way 

●   Children learn when they feel good about themselves 

●   Children learn when their parents are active participants in their school education