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About Us

The Cultural Knowledge Consortium (CKC) provides a Socio-cultural Knowledge Infrastructure (SKI) to facilitate knowledge sharing amongst multi-disciplinary, worldwide, social science knowledge holders—which includes individual academics as well as field practitioners, universities, non-profits/NGOs, think tanks, and private companies— in order to foster collaborative engagement in support of the US military’s socio-cultural analysis requirements.

The CKC is a joint and interagency effort of the US Government and Department of Defense. It was created to primarily serve the socio-cultural requirements of the combatant commands or COCOMs, but it also seeks to enhance collaboration amongst the larger socio-cultural research community. Its goal is to facilitate open collaboration in order to support civilian and military planning and decision-making processes with the very best information and the most diverse views.

Those who engage the CKC are provided a unique opportunity to shape and support US military efforts abroad, which includes its ongoing humanitarian, disaster relief and development efforts. Please visit our website to learn more about this new initiative: