Contra Costa Public Health Clinical Services

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About Us

Employing more than 3,500 individuals, Contra Costa Health Services is a comprehensive county health system that meets the needs of county residents in a variety of ways. Our mission is to care for and improve the health of all people in Contra Costa County with special attention to those who are most vulnerable to health problems. Specifically, we provide high quality health care services, community health improvement and environmental protection with respect and responsiveness to all. We have a department-wide goal to reduce health disparities by addressing issues of diversity and linguistic and cultural competence.

Public Health provides school-based health services to students through mobile clinic health vans and on-site health centers at more than 40 campuses in Contra Costa County. Services include physicals and sports clearance, reproductive health care, immunizations, treatments of minor illnesses, dental exams and cleanings, behavioral health services and health education, including counseling.