Bronx Park Middle School

  • NY


2441 Wallace Ave
x135 Campus, 3rd Floor
Bronx, NY
United States

About Us

Bronx Park Middle School is a small, innovative school that offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary college and career preparatory curriculum with a theme of applying learning to problem-based projects within the fields of modern, sustainable careers.

Bronx Park Student Mission: “We are on the path to finding our life’s work and passion. We hear our community, country, and planet calling us to solve the problems that face them. Through professionalism, reflection, innovation, determination, and empathy we are becoming the people who solve these problems. At Bronx Park Middle School we put our learning to work.”

Bronx Park Staff Promise: “Everyday we will provide our students with a safe, personalized, and inspirational space so that they can bring their best self to work, think deeply about themselves and their challenges, think creatively about their choices and solutions, learn about each other as individuals, and never give up.