The Embassy of the Gabonese Republic

  • DC

About Us

The Embassy of the Gabonese Republic and its Consulates assist the Department of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, Francophonie and Regional Integration, in the planning, organization and evaluation of the policy followed by Gabon in the United States of America and at accredited organizations. The goals and objectives of the embassy and its consulates are:

- To promote friendly relations between the United States and the Gabonese Republic.

- To protect the interests of Gabon.

- To bring assistance to the Gabonese people installed in the United States.

- To encourage and develop Gabonese exports.

- To promote the Gabonese investments in the United States of America.

- To establish links between the field of science and technology.

- To promote in the international community, the human rights as well as peace, safety and the development.