Seattle Public Utilities Adopt A Street

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About Us

Adopt A Street helps the citizens of Seattle keep Seattle safe and clean. We provide volunteers with bags, pick-up sticks, safety vests, gloves, and anything else they may need to help pick up litter from the streets of Seattle. We also provide free disposal of the litter collected. Adopt A Street is a great way to be a community leader and connect with your neighbors! There are a couple of ways to participate in Adopt A Street.


The first is as a Traditional Adopter. We ask that Traditional Adopters adopt a specific section of a street that is a mile in length and clean it at least 4 times per year. After a year of service, we will place a sign with the group’s name honoring their commitment to keeping the street clean.

You can also participate as a Special Adopter. There is no mileage, or length requirement for groups interested in becoming Special Adopters. We will support your one-time cleanup by providing you supplies and waste pick-up service at the end of your event. The Special Adopter is an excellent choice for individuals, or organizations who would like to volunteer, but do not have the capacity to cleanup multiple times a year.

Seattle summers are notoriously beautiful, and what a better way to enjoy them then by getting outside and giving back to your community at the same time! If you are interested in participating in the Adopt A Street program, please contact us at (206)684-7647, or at