Kia for Congress

  • California


17155 Gillette Avenue
United States

About Us

Our people-powered campaign is seeking volunteers interested in electing a progressive Democrat as a congressperson!

Our candidate was born and raised in Irvine and attended Irvine public schools; he's a proud progressive who supports access to education, debt-free college, and a Medicare-for-All single player healthcare system. Kia is the son of immigrants and if elected will be the first Iranian American ever elected to the US House of Representatives.

Kia has six years of experience working on legislation as legal counsel to two progressive Democratic US Senators.

Our volunteers are the heart of our campaign, and they help make the phone calls and knock on the doors of voters who we hope to turn out to the polls on June 5th. If you have a spare hour or two a week and are passionate about electing a young, dynamic, and experienced progressive, we'd love to hear from you!