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About Us

The Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS) is providing high-quality education that empowers our students to master challenging academic content, excel in 21st-century jobs, and become our future leaders. JPPSS operates 78 traditional public schools serving nearly 48,000 of the highest-needs students in the greater New Orleans area. As the largest district in the state, JPPSS an important catalyst for change across Louisiana.

The diligent work of our educators, combined with the district's willingness to implement major reforms, are dramatically increasing student achievement. Today, 75% of JPPSS students attend "A,", "B," or "C" schools, compared to 35% in 2011. Over the same time period, the district has jumped from 51st in the state for student performance to 31st. In the last five years, the graduation rate has climbed 10%. Though these improvements are to be celebrated, there is still much to do. We are committed to improving academic achievement by raising the bar, putting students first, and making faster, wiser decisions that will help our district meet the needs of all students.

Our vision is to teach the best-educated generation of students that Jefferson Parish has ever seen. JPPSS' goal is to move all JPPSS schools to "A" or "B" level performance, so that college and career success are a reality for all of our students. Nationally, fewer than 1 in 10 low-income students will complete post secondary education. In Jefferson Parish, we have the opportunity to change the odds for our students, one school at a time. Will you join us?

For more information, please visit the JPPSS homepage at For a list of vacancies and how to apply, please visit

Special note for candidates for teaching positions: those who apply between February 1 and April 1 will be considered on a rolling basis forJefferson Early Decision, a select group of highly effective educators who will be offered early contracts and go through an expedited matching process with our schools.