Montgomery County Government

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About Us

Montgomery County is proud of the services it offers. These include some of the best in the nation, which we strive to deliver in keeping with our Vision Statement and Guiding Principles.  

Approved by the voters in 1968 and implemented in 1970, the Montgomery County Charter provides for a Council/Executive form of government.

The County is composed of the Executive and Legislative branches. The Judicial system consists of the County's Circuit Court, the state District Court, the Court of Special Appeals and Court of Appeals.

The Executive Branch implements and enforces Montgomery County's laws and provides executive direction to the government. Its chief executive officer is the County Executive.  There are over 30 executive branch departments and agencies that help to deliver services to county residents. Libraries, Transportation and Police are just a few.

The Legislative Branch consists of the County Council and five related agencies. The Charter defines the Council's powers in three major areas: legislation, land use, and the budget. The other agencies of the Legislative Branch are: Office of Inspector General, The Office of Legislative Oversight, Office of Zoning and Administrative Hearings, Board of Appeals, and Merit System Protection Board.