Summit Community Institute

  • Utah


3923 North Wolf Creek Drive
United States

About Us

Summit is the premier community for entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders who believe that business and collaboration are tools that should be used to effect lasting, positive impact in the world. Founded in 2008 as a gathering for just 19 people, Summit quickly evolved into an organization with global reach. Summit Series events are designed to help attendees build relationships and achieve their personal, professional, and philanthropic goals, and have helped raise tens of millions of dollars for business and nonprofit ventures. In April 2013, Summit purchased Powder Mountain to create Summit Powder Mountain, a permanent home built around the ethos that the community and organization have come to embody and promote.

The Summit Institute is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit arm of Summit. The Summit Institute’s mission is to apply creative solutions to real-world challenges related to the environment, education, the arts, health, and social innovation. Summit Institute pursues these goals through orchestrating large-scale conservation projects, bringing art access to our community and the world, and convening events in an ideal physical environment. These convenings further social innovation by bringing together leaders in the field to develop creative, actionable solutions that can be disseminated strategically throughout Summit’s vast community of influencers.

Summit Institute Labs bring issue-specific social change leaders together with Summit community members to find action-oriented solutions and ways to catalyze the Summit community on these topics. Surprising connections, unlikely partnerships, and creative exchange between non-practitioners and experts alike drive the unique and powerful outcomes of Summit Labs.