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Miahuatlán de Porfirio Diaz

About Us

The Universidad de la Sierra Sur is a Univerisity located in rural Oaxaca. Oaxaca is known as one of the poorest states in Mexico and also has one of the largest populations of indigenous people. The university is part of a system of universities that was created to provide quality education to the rural populaiton of Oaxaca. Before this system of universities was established the only option students had was to go to the capital city for higher education. This feat was often times difficult and expensive.Since 2003 it has been part of a chain of regional universities in the state of Oaxaca (Sistema de Universidades Estatales de Oaxaca, SUNEO). SUNEO’s goal is to transform Oaxacan society, one of the lowest socioeconomically performing states in Mexico, through four educational aims; teaching, research, cultural outreach, and promotion of development.

The language department at the Universidad de la Sierra Sur is dedicated to teaching and assisting with the growth and education of the student population and the town in which it is located. Teachers study language and develop curriculm that best fits their student's diverse backgrounds. They take part in developing a postive and fufiling university enviroment for their students. Many teachers also create programs that involve the community such as English Language Teacher Workshop, a workshop the provides local highschool English teachers practice with native speakers as well as tips and tools to take back to their language learning classrooms. Another project university teachers take part in is a weekly art and english class for elementary students at the local community center. Teachers at the university are continually looking for ways to further assist and create opportunites and experiences that contritube to the growth and development of the community that they work in.