University of Montana Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism

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About Us

Set in the heart of the Northern Rockies, surrounded by wilderness, forests, rivers and national parks, the University hosts interdisciplinary programs in Environmental Studies, Climate Change Studies, and Natural Resources Conflict Resolution. Together with journalism’s graduate focus, these programs draw from disciplines ranging from the hard sciences to geography, ethics and the law to create a dynamic intellectual community concerned with understanding the relationship between humanity and the earth.

UM is also home to the internationally acclaimed College of Forestry and Conservation, with programs studying ecosystem management, forestry, wildlife biology, and the interaction of society and nature, from research facilities in space, in forests and rangelands, and on one of the largest freshwater lakes in the western United States.

Beyond their practical training and research in environmental journalism, our students choose courses from an array of subjects reflecting The University of Montana’s commitment to the conservation of nature and the wellbeing of humanity.

They produce print and photo stories, multi-media projects, web and broadcast documentaries that address global as well as regional issues like wilderness policy, environmental health, endangered species, forestry and mining practices, and the management of public lands, climate change and natural resources.